Shills BB Cream Review – You give me the chills shills

Aug 12

BB creams has taken Asia by storm. More and more women are getting into the bb cream craze and are on the lookout for the best bb cream in town. BB creams also known as blemish balm creams are discovered by German dermatologists to aid in skin healing of those who have undergone laser skin treatment but popularized by Korean cosmetics industry.

Many Korean cosmetics brands have released their own formulations of bb creams that you contemplate hard on which to choose. Due to its widespread popularity in Asia

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even a Taiwanese brand has come up of its own bb cream line, Shills bb cream. Shills is a growing brand of cosmetics brand originated from Taiwan.

The Shills bb cream is a 6-in-1 cream known to protect your skin against free radicals, even out skin tone, brighten skin, control sebum production, moisturize, and conceal any unwanted spots on the skin. It comes in a 50ml tube and main ingredients include Gingko Biloba, Green Tea and Vitamin C.

This Shills bb cream review will tell you that it’s a hit and miss product. Its pros include the price. It is by far the most affordable bb cream in the market. For a 50ml tube I only paid $20 including shipping fee already. It also contains a little bit of shimmer. Not really visible unless you magnify it will tiny specks of shimmer appear.

The shimmer can make your skin look radiantly glowing and healthy. It can be used on its own as it can already act as a foundation and concealer by covering any imperfections on my skin or it can also act as a make-up base if I have more breakouts and I find

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not well enough for my skin. It also contains SPF30 so I won’t have to build up products on my face. Having the bb cream alone is enough and it can replace my tedious skin care routine in the morning.

I will also say here in this Shills bb cream review it is scented but wears off easily. No more nauseating and over powering fragrance that can actually harm my skin. It blends well enough leaving my skin with a lovely healthy glow.

On the downside of this Shills bb cream review, as with other bb creams, it has only one shade, not living up to its oil control benefit, and breaking out.

As with most bb creams, shills’ shade is a one very light and for those who have natural tans, you might want to skip this product. In this shills bb cream review I will also say that it doesn’t do much for my oily skin as after about 2 and ½ hours, my t-zone started to shine uncontrollably. Also, like many skin care products out there it broke me out..

Overall verdict of shills bb cream? It’s a 50-50. It has its pros but it doesn’t outweigh the cons. Try it for yourself if you want to know how it really works on you. As for me, I will try something else.

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